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Water, Water Everywhere:<br>Designing Water Filters
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Water, Water Everywhere:
Designing Water Filters

Water & Environmental Engineering
Each Teacher Guide includes:
  • Lesson Plans
  • Paperback copy of the storybook Saving Salila's Turtle
  • Teacher Background Information
  • Assessment Tools
  • English Language Learner suggestions

This unit addresses the increasingly important issue of water quality through lessons that teach students about water contamination and the ways that people ensure the quality of their drinking water.

Students will first think like environmental engineers as they review a mural of a small American community, noting possible sources of pollution and suggesting ways to clean up or eliminate the source of the pollution. Students will then focus on the environmental engineering problem of providing safe drinking water as they plan, construct, test, and improve their own water filters.

  • FOSS Connection: Water
  • STC Connection: Land and Water
  • GEMS Connections: Acid Rain, Involving Dissolving, Liquid Explorations, River Cutters
  • Insights Connections: Liquids, There is No Away