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Designing Walls Unit

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Designing Walls Teacher Guide*
Designing Walls Storybook**
Designing Walls Materials Kit
Designing Walls Refill Kit
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In this unit, students think like materials engineers. They explore earth materials, including clay, sand, and soil, as they’re used in mortar to build a stone wall. Drawing on their knowledge of the properties of earth materials, students will plan, build, test, and improve walls of their own.
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Designing Walls Unit


The EiE curriculum consists of three components: teacher guides, storybooks, and materials kits.

Storybooks introduce each unit with the tale of a child somewhere around the world who solves a problem through engineering. The books integrate literacy and social studies into the unit and illustrate for students the relevance of STEM subjects.

Teacher guides include one storybook, background content, four detailed lesson plans, and duplication masters for student handouts-including planning and data collection sheets as well as reflection and assessment sheets. Background content includes learning goals, related scientific and social studies knowledge,information on alignment with common science curricula and national standards, and a unit specific vocabulary list.

Materials kits include all the supplies needed for 30 students to complete the classroom engineering activities in this unit. See Materials Kit contents.

Refill kits include only the consumable supplies needed for 30 students to complete the classroom engineering activities in this unit. See Refill Kit contents.

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