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Engineering is Elementary creates curricular materials that integrate engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science lesson. For more information about the project, please visit our website at


Starting March 31st, 2014, Engineering is Elementary has increased the prices for material kits and refills, plus implemented a new pricing system for teacher guides and storybooks. Please click here to view our price list reflecting these changes [with the pricing systems located at the top row]. Note that these prices must be honored for all purchase orders and/or grants processed after the price increase is in effect.

If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to contact us.


Storybooks   Teacher Guides

20 Titles to Choose From

Meet the Engineering is Elementary characters and read about the problems they solve. With some creativity and knowledge of the engineering design process, everyone can engineer!

Comes with a storybook!

Each Engineering is Elementary Teacher Guide integrates one field of engineering, one elementary-level science topic, and includes a storybook set in one country around the world.
Materials Kits   Posters

Unit-specific Kits and Refills which contain enough materials to supply a classroom

18½ " x 24½ ", Full Color

Posters that highlight the steps of the Engineering Design Process.
Engineering is Elementary® (EiE) at the Museum of Science is the main developer & supplier for all Teacher Guides, Storybooks, Posters, DVDS, Materials Kits, and Refill Kits bearing the name and copyright of the EiE program. All Engineering is Elementary® materials are available for purchase solely through the Museum of Science, Boston.